Third Monk Studios

Gear List

Mic List:
AKG D112
AKG D880M (3x)
Altec Lansing 654a
Apex 185 w/omni and cardioid caps (2x)
Apex 460 Tube Condenser
      with Cinemag transformer
Audio Technica 3035 (2x)
Audio Technica MB1000L
Cadenza Ribbon Mic
Electro Voice Cobalt CO4 (2x)
Electro Voice Cobalt CO7
Electro Voice Cobalt CO9
Electro Voice EV664
Electro Voice EV670
Electro Voice RE85 Omni
Grundig Handheld
MXL 2001 (2x)
Naiant MSH-1 mic Omni (2x)
Oktava MK012 w/Dorsey Mod (2x)
Red Type B Vintage Microphone
Sennheiser e914
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 57
Shure Unidyne III (2x)
Shure SM58
Shure KSM27
Sony Handheld TCM-S67V
Takstar PCM-6100
Telefunken D9A
Western Electric Ekotape

Equipment List:
Macintosh G4 w/1.5 GHZ Processor, 1.5 GB RAM
138 GB of storage. Firewire and SCSI compatible.
Pro Tools 001 LE 32-track system
Behringer ADA8000 Optical 8-channel interface

Outbroad Pres and Dynamics Processing:
Trident S20 dual channel pre amp
16 Altec-Lansing 1678 pre amps
Altec-Lansing 1591A Compressor/Amplifier
Altec-Lansing 1712A Limiter/Compressor
Bellari MP110 tube pre amp
RCA M112299 tube powered mixer (Late 1940's)
Fairchild 692 Preamp (Late 1960's)
McCurdy AP375 Preamp
Summit TLA-50 Compressor/Limiter
DOD R-825 Compressor/Limiter
Furman LC-3A Compressor/Limiter
Presonus EQ3B

External Reverb:
Alesis Wedge
Boss RV-1000 Digital Reverb
Digitech DSP128
Furman RV-1 Spring Reverb
Korg RV-2000
Lexicon MPX 100
Roland SRV2000
Yamaha SPX 90II (Software v1.1)
Yamaha R1000
Yamaha EME-1

Tape Machines:
Otari MX-70 1" 16-track
Studer B-67 1/4" 2-track
Dolby Model 365 with 2 Cat #22 A-Noise reduction cards
Denon DRM740 Cassette Deck

Tannoy Mercury M2 Studio Monitors
Alpine 6" x 9" speakers
NAD preamp
Alesis RS150 Power Amp

Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
Mic cables by Planet Waves, Mogami with Neutrik
connectors and silver core Zaolla cables
Groove Tube passive DI (2x)
Whirlwind IMP DI
Behringer DI100
Headphones Sennheiser HD280 and Behringer HA4700
distribution amp
Behringer UB802 mixer (2x)
Soundcraft Spirit Folio

Guitar Amps:
Badcat Blackcat 30
Gibson GA-8 Discoverer (Early 1960's)
Gibson GA-17RVT Scout (Early 1960's)
Kalamazoo Model Two (Late 1960's)
Marshall Model 2210 100-watt JCM 800 head
Marshall Model 1960A 4 x 12" speaker cabinet

'83 Fender Telecaster
'89 Fender Precision Bass
'88 Alvarez-Yairi DY52 Acoustic Guitar (spruce top)
'89 Artesano Classical Guitar (cedar top)
Kalamazoo Acoustic Guitar (Early 1920's)
Mid-Missouri Mandolin Flat-iron style

Pedals and Odd bits:
BBE Stinger
Digitech Milkbox
Digitech Jimi Hendrix Experience Artist Series Pedal
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal
Emma ReezaFratZitz Distortion Pedal
HAO Rust Booster
Line 6 Otto Filter
Maestro Phase Pedal (Early 1970's)
Meathead "the silicon Fuzz machine" by DAM
Musicians Sound Design British Steel Pedal
MXR Flanger
Planet Waves Strobe Tuner
Tech 21 Sansamp Pedal